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Working with Tables
Quick Tables Word includes a gallery of predesigned tables that you can insert.
You can add your own tables to the gallery.
Using the Insert Table Command
To add a table to a document, place the insertion point where you want the table to go,
and then on the Insert tab, click Table. Now you’re faced with a choice. If your table won’t
exceed 10 columns in width or 8 rows, point to the grid that appears, as shown here.
Point to the
number of columns
and rows you want
Word displays a live
preview as you point
You can always add more columns or rows later (see “Adding and Removing Rows and
Columns” on page 266), but if you want to start out with more (up to 63 columns and 32,767
rows) or want to set other table options, click Insert Table on the menu to open the dialog
box shown next.
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