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Working with Tables
Under AutoFit Behavior, you have three options for controlling column width:
Fixed Column Width Sets each column to the width you specify. If you leave it set
to Auto, Word evenly divides the space between the left and right page margins by
the number of columns. If you subsequently add or remove columns and the width is
set to Auto, Word readjusts the column widths to it the space.
AutoFit To Contents Adjusts the column widths as you enter information to get
the best it for each column—“best” meaning that Word expands each column to
accommodate each cell’s contents in the fewest number of lines without going
beyond the page margins.
AutoFit To Window Evenly divides the space between margins by the number of
columns—just like choosing the first option with the width set to Auto.
You can select an AutoFit option any time after you insert a table by clicking in the table
and then clicking AutoFit in the Cell Size group on the Layout tab under Table Tools.
INSIDE OUT Change the default number of columns and rows
If you often create tables with the same number of columns or rows, you can change
the default values in the Insert Table dialog box. Specify the values, and then select
Remember Dimensions For New Tables before you click OK.
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