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Working with Table Data
Using Quick Tables
Word includes a gallery of tables that are already formatted and even filled with data.
These include several calendar layouts as well as various data tables. Although the data is
unlikely to be useful to you, Quick Tables provide handy templates that take care of the
layout and formatting tasks, leaving you only the job of filling in the data. To view the gallery
and insert a Quick Table, on the Insert tab click Table, Quick Tables.
INSIDE OUT Add your own tables to the Quick Tables gallery
After you lay out and format a table to perfection, you might want to reuse it (albeit
with different data) elsewhere. To add it to the Quick Tables gallery, select the table and
then click Insert, Table, Quick Tables. At the bottom of the gallery, click Save Selection
To Quick Tables Gallery. In the dialog box that appears, you can give this new building
block a name and modify other details—or you can simply click OK.
Working with Table Data
You enter and edit data within a table in much the same way as you do elsewhere in a
document. A table cell can contain any amount of text. It can also include pictures and
graphics; you can even insert another table within a table cell.
Just as it does in normal text, pressing Enter in a table cell inserts a paragraph mark. To
move to another cell, press Tab or Shift+Tab. Pressing Tab moves to the next cell to the
right or, at the end of a row, to the first cell in the next row. Shift+Tab moves in the
opposite direction. If you press Tab in the table’s last cell (the one in the lower right corner),
Word appends a new row that’s formatted the same as the current last row. Table 8-2 shows
other keyboard shortcuts you can use for moving within a table.
Table 8-2 Keyboard Shortcuts for Moving in Tables
Keyboard Shortcut
To next or previous cell in a row
Tab or Shift+Tab
To first or last cell in a row
Alt+Home or Alt+End
To first or last cell in a column
Alt+Page Up or Alt+Page Down
To previous or next row
Up Arrow or Down Arrow
Move current row up or down by
one row
Alt+Shift+Up Arrow or Alt+Shift+Down Arrow
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