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Formatting a Table
Just as you do when entering a formula in Excel, begin your entry in the Formula box with
an equal sign. You can then use cell and range references, constants, mathematical
operators, and functions from the Paste Function list to complete the formula. For more
information, see “Using Formulas and Functions” on page 356.
Word has four range names that you won’t find in Excel: ABOVE, BELOW, LEFT, and RIGHT.
With these ranges, you can create a formula that includes all the cells in the direction you
specify. For example, to display the total of the values in a column, in a row at the bottom
of the column you would insert the formula =SUM(ABOVE).
INSIDE OUT Use an Excel table for more demanding calculations
As noted, the formula capabilities of Word don’t compare favorably with those of Excel.
If you need text functions, date calculations, or more advanced mathematical
calculations, you need to use Excel. That doesn’t mean that you can’t include the data and the
resulting calculations in your Word document, however.
You insert an Excel worksheet into your document in much the same way you insert
a table: on the Insert tab, click Table, Excel Spreadsheet. While you work in the Excel
spreadsheet, you have the full capabilities of that program. In fact, the ribbon changes
to show the same tabs and tools you see in Excel.
To include more or fewer Excel columns and rows in your Word document, drag the
borders of the Excel object. When you click outside the worksheet, the Excel interface
(such as row and column headings) disappears, and the Word ribbon returns.
Doubleclick in the worksheet to resume editing in Excel.
Formatting a Table
The table you get when you use the Insert Table or Convert Text To Table command is not
much to look at: a simple grid of thin black lines, with text aligned at the top and left of
each cell. With a few simple commands on the Design and Layout tabs under Table Tools
(see Figure 8-8), you can quickly spruce up the table’s appearance.
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