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Changing the Table Layout
INSIDE OUT Resize a single column
When you drag the border between columns to the left, the column on the left side of
the border gets narrower and the column on the right gets wider; the opposite
happens when you drag to the right. To resize only the column on the left without
affecting the column on the right, hold Shift as you drag.
Setting column widths using these methods specifies a precise dimension for each column.
To set widths automatically, choose one of the AutoFit options (for details, see “Using the
Insert Table Command” on page 254). Another option is to click Distribute Columns, which
divides the space evenly among the selected columns. In this case, Word specifies the width
as a percentage of the total table size.
For additional control over column widths, click the arrow in the lower right corner of the
Cell Size group to open the Table Properties dialog box, shown in Figure 8-9. On the
Column tab, you can specify the width for each column as an absolute dimension or a
percentage of the total. On the Row tab, you can set the row height to an exact dimension, or you
can select At Least, which allows the row to grow to accommodate its content.
Figure 8-9 You can cycle through your entire table by clicking Previous Row and Next Row (or
comparable buttons on the Column tab).
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