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Defining Reference Targets
Cross-references update automatically when the document content changes. For example,
if edits to your document change the page number on which a referenced heading falls, a
reference like “see ’Summing It All Up’ on page 47” gets the correct page number. And if
you change the text of the heading, all references to it update as well. Similarly, if you use
captions to number and identify figures or tables, the numbers update automatically when
you add, remove, or reorder the numbered items.
Defining Reference Targets
You can insert references to a variety of document elements, as listed next. Notes in the
following list explain how to ensure that Word recognizes each reference target as such.
Numbered Item To use a numbered item as a target, apply a numbered list style.
(For details, see “Working with Bulleted and Numbered Lists” on page 240.)
Heading To refer to a heading, you must apply a heading style to the heading
paragraph. (For details, see “Applying Styles” on page 226.)
Bookmark A bookmark can serve as a browse target as well as a cross-reference
target, making it useful for returning to a specific document location. To insert a
bookmark, first place the insertion point where you want to place a bookmark, or
select the text you want to use as a bookmark. Then click the Insert tab and click
Bookmark (in the Links group). In the Bookmark dialog box, type a name for your
bookmark; the name can contain letters, numbers, and underscore characters, but it
can’t contain spaces or other punctuation.
Working with Bookmarks
To jump to a bookmark you’ve defined, press Ctrl+G to open the Go To dialog box,
select Bookmark, select the bookmark name, and then click Go To. (For details about
other ways to browse by bookmark, see “Navigating Within a Document” on page 203.)
You can make your bookmarks visible. Click File, Options to open the Word Options
dialog box. Click Advanced, and then, under Show Document Content, select Show
Bookmarks. A bookmark set to a single point appears as an I-beam; bookmarked text
appears between colored square brackets. The bookmark indicators are not included
when you print a document.
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