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Inserting a Reference
3. Under Options, select the label and position you want to use. If you’re not satisfied
with the label options, click New Label and define your own.
4. In the Caption box, append your caption text to the label and number that appears.
INSIDE OUT Use field codes to insert captions
The Insert Caption tool provides a convenient way to insert a caption, but you might
find it easier to type captions directly into your document. The cross-reference feature
in Word (described in the next section) relies on the presence of a field code to identify
equations, figures, and tables. Specifically, any paragraph that includes a {SEQ
Figure} field code is assumed to be a figure caption, which can serve as a cross-reference
target. Equations and tables are identified by {SEQ Equation} and {SEQ Table} codes,
To insert a field code at the insertion point, press Ctrl+F9. Then type the field code text
between the braces that appear. Before you finish your document, you need to press
Alt+F9 to display the field code results instead of the field codes, and you’ll need to
press F9 to update the fields. Although these extra steps might seem burdensome,
typists who don’t like to interrupt their typing by reaching for the mouse might find this
method to be easier in the long run, especially if tasked with inserting many captions.
For more information about working with field codes, see “Using Fields to Automate
Documents” on page 333.
As you’ll see in the next section, a reference to one of these items can include the entire
caption (the entire paragraph that contains the {SEQ} field code), only the label and
number (everything in the paragraph before the {SEQ} code and the field code result),
or only the caption text (everything in the paragraph after the {SEQ} code).
Inserting a Reference
With your cross-reference targets properly formatted and captioned, as described in the
preceding sections, you’re ready to insert a reference. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Click Cross-Reference, a tool you’ll find in the Links group on the Insert tab and in
the Captions group on the References tab. Clicking the tool in either ribbon location
opens the Cross-Reference dialog box, which is shown in Figure 8-11.
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