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Creating Tables of Contents and Indexes
page, in a web browser. (For other ways to insert hyperlinks, see “Entering Hyperlinks”
on page 119.)
6. Click Insert. The dialog box remains open, allowing you to move the insertion
point in the document and insert another cross-reference without repeating the
first several steps of this procedure. Click Close when you’re through inserting
Creating Tables of Contents and Indexes
A common feature of long documents is a table of contents, which typically lists all the
headings in the document in the order in which they appear, along with the page number
each appears on. Bookending many long documents is an index, which lists topics in
alphabetical order, with page numbers.
Inserting a Table of Contents
To insert a table of contents in a document, place the insertion point where you want it
to go. Then click the References tab and click Table Of Contents. The small gallery that
appears has, by default, two viable options (Automatic Table 1 and Automatic Table 2) and
one (Manual Table) that’s more trouble than it’s worth. Automatic Table 1 and Automatic
Table 2 are identical except for the title (“Table of Contents” versus “Contents”), which is
ordinary text that you can easily edit to your liking. Select one of these options, and Word
inserts a table similar to the one shown in Figure 8-12. The built-in automatic options
include heading levels 1 through 3 in the table of contents.
The table of contents doesn’t update automatically as you make changes to your
document. To make it reflect the current document content, click Update Table (in the toolbar
shown in Figure 8-12 or in the Table Of Contents group on the References tab). You’re then
given a choice of updating page numbers only (this option is faster, but it doesn’t take into
account headings that have been added, removed, moved, or edited) or rebuilding the
table from scratch.
If this predeined table of contents doesn’t suit your fancy, define your own parameters.
Below the Table Of Contents gallery, click Insert Table Of Contents, which opens the Table
Of Contents dialog box, shown in Figure 8-13.
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