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Preparing and Inserting an Index
Figure 8-14 Clicking Mark All marks all occurrences of the selected word or phrase in the
INSIDE OUT Create multilevel indexes
You might notice in the {XE} field codes that Word inserts that the main entry is
separated from the subentry by a colon. For example, the code generated by the text
shown in Figure 8-14 looks like this: { XE "penguins:Adelie" }
You can use colons to create multilevel indexes—up to seven levels deep, in fact.
You can enter text for additional levels in the field code, of course. But you can also
enter it in the Mark Index Entry dialog box, even though it has spaces only for the
first two levels. The trick is simple: In either the Main Entry or Subentry box, insert
the text for each level, using a colon to separate them. For example, you could type
penguins:Adelie:mating habits to add a third level.
Generating the Index
After the hard work of marking entries is out of the way, the remaining task is easy. Place
the insertion point where you want the index to go, and then on the References tab, click
Insert Index (in the Index group). A dialog box like the one shown in Figure 8-15 appears.
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