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Inserting a Comment
INSIDE OUT Make changes directly in the document
Comments are great for making suggestions, asking questions, or explaining an edit.
But when you want to make corrections to a document, don’t use comments;
transcribing those comments into the document creates more work later. Instead, turn on
change tracking and make changes directly in the document. For details, see “Tracking
and Highlighting Changes Made to a Document” on page 285.
Inserting a Comment
To insert a comment, begin by selecting the text you want to highlight or place the
insertion point at the item you’re commenting on. Then click the Review tab and click New
Comment; alternatively, press the command’s keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Alt+M. As shown in
Figure 9-1, a panel appears in the right margin. Type your comment in the panel.
Figure 9-1 Word inserts the commenter’s initials and a sequential number at the beginning of
the comment.
As comments are added and removed, the sequential number that accompanies each one
updates automatically so that comments are always numbered in order from the beginning
of the document and no numbers are skipped.
If your computer supports pen input, you can write your comments if you prefer. Select the
document text to highlight, and then tap Ink Comment (in the Comments group on the
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