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Inserting a Comment
Review tab). As with typed comments, Word inserts the commenter’s initials and a
comment number, but the panel displays ruled lines in the writing area, as shown in Figure 9-2.
Although this method is sometimes more convenient, particularly if you’re editing while on
the go, it has a drawback: Word doesn’t attempt to recognize handwriting, which means
that handwritten text won’t be included in search results. If you expect to search your
document for text contained in comments, you’re better off using an input method that
converts handwriting to text, such as the Tablet PC Input Panel included with some versions of
Ink Comment
Figure 9-2 Word expands the handwriting input area if needed. When you’re finished writing,
Word removes the lines and unused space.
By default, for each person who reviews a document, a different color is used for the
highlighted text and the comment panel. Along with the initials at the beginning of each
comment and the reviewer’s full name, which appears in the Reviewing pane, this makes it easy
to see who made each comment. If you want to select a specific color for your comments
rather than letting Word assign one, click the arrow below Track Changes (in the
Tracking group on the Review tab) and select Change Tracking Options. In the Track Changes
Options dialog box, select a color next to Comments. (For more information about this
dialog box, see “Setting Options for Tracking Changes” on page 290.) Your existing comments as
well as any new ones you create appear in the color you select.
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