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Reviewing Comments
You can also change your initials and your full name to better identify comments you make.
Click the button under Track Changes and then click Change User Name, which opens the
Word Options dialog box, in which you can enter these identifiers. Note that any existing
comments retain the initials and user name that was in effect when the comment was
created; you can’t update them.
INSIDE OUT Comment on a comment
Note that you can select any text to comment on it—including text in an existing
comment. When you do that, the new comment appears below the original, and the
number includes an R (for “reply”) followed by the number of the comment to which you’re
Reviewing Comments
When a document contains one or more comments, three tools in the Comments group on
the Review tab become available: Delete, Previous, and Next. Instead of tediously paging
through a document in search of comments, you can skip instantly to the next or previous
comment by clicking one of these buttons.
You can also browse by comment using any of these navigation tools:
Navigation pane Click the arrow at the right side of the search box, click
Comments, and then choose the name of the reviewer whose comments you want to see
or choose All Reviewers. Then click the arrow buttons to the right of the tabs to jump
to the next or previous search result.
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