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Printing Comments
Go To command Press Ctrl+G and select Comment under Go To What. You can
jump to the previous or next comment by a particular reviewer, or you can enter a
number to jump directly to a specific comment.
Browse tool Press Ctrl+Alt+Home or click Select Browse Object (the round
button near the bottom of the vertical scroll bar) and click Browse By Comment. You
can then jump to the previous or next comment by pressing Ctrl+Page Down or
Ctrl+Page Up, or by clicking the button above or below Select Browse Object.
For more information about these browse methods, see “Navigating Within a Document” on
page 203.
Comments also appear in the Reviewing pane, which you display by clicking Reviewing
Pane, a button in the Tracking group on the Review tab. For details about working in the
Reviewing pane, see “Reviewing Tracked Changes” on page 287.
Printing Comments
When you print a document that contains comments (or other changes, as described in the
following sections), by default Word includes the comments when you print. It does this by
reducing the size of each page to create a margin on the right side large enough for the
comment balloons, as shown in Figure 9-3.
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