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Tracking and Highlighting Changes Made to a Document
Tracking and Highlighting Changes Made to a Document
Although it’s nice to be able to add comments, suggestions, and other notes to a
document, sometimes it’s easier for an editor or reviewer to simply make changes directly in the
document. However, if a reviewer edits your document, you can’t easily tell what changes
have been made—unless Track Changes is on. To turn it on, click the Review tab and click
Track Changes in the Tracking group.
When change tracking is on, you end up with a “redlined” document, so named because
it resembles traditional markup done with a red pen. As shown in Figure 9-4, added text
appears underlined and deleted text has a strikethrough line through it. These additions
and deletions are in color so they’re easy to spot, and each reviewer’s comments are in a
different color, making them easy to differentiate.
Additions are underlined
A line in the margin
identifies each change
Deletions are shown with strikethrough
Figure 9-4 When change tracking is on, the Track Changes button is highlighted.
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