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Reviewing Tracked Changes
Using options in the Tracking group on the Review tab, you can hide markup altogether, or
you can filter the display to show only certain types of changes. Here’s how:
Click Display For Review (the button that shows Final: Show Markup by default), and
you can choose to show Final (the document as edited) or Original (the document
without changes). Note that you can make changes in Final view and Word continues
to track changes, although it doesn’t display the markup. However, if you’re using
Original view and you make a change in the document, Word immediately switches
to showing markup.
To selectively show markup, click Show Markup. On the menu that appears, shown
next, you can select which types of markup you want to display and you can select
which reviewers’ markup to display. The Balloons submenu includes an option—Show
Revisions In Balloons—that moves deleted text to a margin balloon instead of using
strikethrough text; this option shows final line and page breaks more accurately.
Reviewing Tracked Changes
After one or more reviewers have added their two cents to your writing masterpiece, you’ll
want to review the changes before committing them. To do that, you use tools in the
Changes group on the Review tab.
From the beginning of the document, click Next (or Accept) to jump to the first change
or comment. If you agree with the change, click Accept, which removes the markup from
the change and advances to the next change. If you don’t want to accept the reviewer’s
change, click Reject, which undoes the change and advances to the next one. Can’t decide?
Click Next to jump to the next change while leaving the markup in place.
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