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Reviewing Tracked Changes
You needn’t examine every single change. Click the arrow on the Accept button or the
Reject button to display a menu of additional options, most notably the option to accept
(or reject) all changes in the document without further review.
Another way to review changes and navigate among them is with the Reviewing pane,
which you display by clicking its button in the Tracking group on the Review tab. As shown
in Figure 9-5, the Reviewing pane shows the reviewer’s name and time of each change. An
advantage of the Reviewing pane is that you can search within it to quickly find specific
text. You can click a heading in the Reviewing pane (or double-click the revision text) to
jump directly to that change or comment in the document. Clicking the Accept, Reject,
Previous, or Next button on the Reviewing tab has the same effect whether you’re working in
the document or the Reviewing pane.
Click to update the revision statistics
Figure 9-5 The Reviewing pane also includes some interesting statistics at the top.
You’ll sometimes want to distribute a document to more than one person for review. After
the review copies come back, you’re stuck with the unenviable job of merging comments
and changes from multiple documents into one. And what if not all the reviewers
remember to turn on change tracking? The Combine and Compare tools in the Compare group on
the Review tab provide relief for these reviewing headaches.
Both tools use two documents as their input. Compare is designed for comparing a revised
document with the original, whereas Combine is intended to merge changes from two
different revised documents into one, leaving the tracked changes intact. In practice, the
difference between the two tools is slight.
You select the documents to combine or compare in a dialog box similar to the one shown
in Figure 9-6.
After you click OK, your documents appear in a multipaned window, as shown in
Figure 9-7. The usual collection of Review tab tools for browsing, accepting, and rejecting
changes and comments apply here as well.
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