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Working Together with Other Authors
3. Click Yes, Start Enforcing Protection.
4. In the Start Enforcing Protection dialog box, enter a password if you want to make
it a little harder for a reviewer to remove the protection. For working with trusted
associates, leave the password boxes blank. Then click OK.
When you allow only comment editing, reviewers are rebuffed with an error message if
they try to make any edits other than inserting a comment or deleting one of their own
comments. With editing restrictions set to allow only tracked changes, a reviewer can use
any and all tools to edit the document, but all edits are marked as tracked changes, and the
reviewer cannot accept or reject changes.
Working Together with Other Authors
A new feature in Word 2010 permits multiple authors to simultaneously edit a document
stored in a shared location. The shared location can be a SharePoint site that’s running
SharePoint Foundation 2010—a setup that’s available in many businesses. In addition,
hosted SharePoint services are available from many web service providers. Or the shared
location can be a Windows Live SkyDrive folder. To use SkyDrive, each user must have a
Windows Live ID.
When multiple people open a document for editing, names of the other editors appear
on screen, as shown in Figure 9-9. You can see which part of a document another
editor is working in, and Word prevents you from making changes to the same place at the
same time.
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