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Saving a Document in a Shared Location
Add A Digital Signature A digital signature is a code embedded in the document
file that ensures that the document came from you (or someone who has access to
the private key for your digital ID) and that the document hasn’t been altered. In
addition, it provides a tamper-proof time stamp for the document. Choose this
command to learn about options for obtaining a digital ID if you don’t have one already.
Saving a Document in a Shared Location
You can share a document by distributing copies via e-mail or on removable media. By
sharing in these ways, however, you end up with multiple copies that can quickly get out of
sync with each other. A better way to share a document so that multiple authors can use it
is to store the document in a shared location.
If you have multiple user accounts on your computer, you can use the Public Documents
folder. All accounts on your computer have full access to documents in that folder, and you
don’t need to do anything special to set up sharing.
For sharing documents over a network connection, you must store the document in a
shared folder. Depending on how your network is set up, the shared folder can be on your
computer, on another user’s computer, or on a network server drive. The steps for sharing
a folder in each of these configurations vary widely depending on the type of network you
have, which operating system is in use on the sharing computer and the computers that
need to access it, and other factors. Suffice to say, setting up a shared network folder is
beyond the scope of this topic. But after you (or a network administrator) have gotten past
that hurdle, saving and opening documents in a shared network folder from within Word
is as simple as using a folder on your computer. The difference is that other users on your
network can also use the documents you save this way.
Windows Live SkyDrive offers cloud-based storage (that is, storage on a server that you
access via the internet), which has several advantages. You can access your documents from
any computer that has an Internet connection. If you choose to share a folder on your
SkyDrive with other users, they too can access your documents from any Internet-connected
computer. With SkyDrive, you can choose to share a folder (and the documents it contains)
with everyone in the world, only with people you specify, or with no one else. (There is, of
course, a significant disadvantage: unless you also save a copy locally, your document is
available only when you have a working Internet connection.)
To save a document to a SkyDrive folder, click File. On the Save & Send tab, click Save To
Web. If you don’t have a Windows Live ID (the only prerequisite for using SkyDrive) or
if you’re not signed in, links on the right side of the window invite you to sign up for an
account or sign in using your existing account.
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