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Adding Form Fields
INSIDE OUT Use a table for laying out the form
For many types of forms, a table provides the best way to lay out form data. Even if you
omit the table gridlines, a table simplifies alignment of fields. For details, see “Working
with Tables” on page 253.
Adding Form Fields
To insert form fields (which are also known as controls ), you use the Developer tab on the
ribbon, which is shown in Figure 9-15. This tab isn’t displayed by default. If it’s not shown
on your computer, follow these steps to display it:
1. Click File, Options to open the Word Options dialog box.
2. In Word Options, click Customize Ribbon.
3. Under Main Tabs, select Developer.
Figure 9-15 Form-related features are in the Controls group on the Developer tab.
Before you begin inserting fields and modifying their properties, click Design Mode.
Click in your document where you want to insert a form field, and then in the Controls
group on the Developer tab, click the type of control you want to use. Your choices include:
Rich Text Content Control Use for text entry when you want to allow formatted
text, such as bold and italic.
Plain Text Content Control Use for unformatted text. By default, this type of
control allows only a single paragraph, but you can override this limitation by changing a
property setting.
Picture Content Control Allows the user to insert a picture.
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