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Adding Form Fields
Building Block Gallery Content Control This control lets the user select a building
block. This is useful for inserting various blocks of boilerplate text. To create building
blocks that can be selected with this type of control, select the document text you
want to use. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Quick Parts. Then click Save
Selection To Quick Part Gallery and complete the dialog box that appears.
Drop-Down List Content Control Use for a list of options from which the user can
You can label any content control
by setting its Title property
Combo Box Content Control Like a drop-down list, a combo box includes a list of
options. Alternatively, a user can enter text.
Date Picker Content Control When the user clicks this control, a calendar appears
so the user can select a date. Properties for this type of control let you specify how
the date is formatted.
Check Box Content Control Use this type of control for yes/no–style choices.
Legacy Tools Legacy tools are vestiges of earlier Word versions—but there’s no
reason you can’t use them in a Word 2010 form. Some of them duplicate the
functionality of the Word 2010 content controls, although the appearance is somewhat
different. Some allow data-entry restrictions not available in the content controls.
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