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Adding Form Fields
In Compatibility Mode, you can’t use any of the Word 2010 content controls. That
leaves you with two choices:
If everyone who will use the form has Word 2010, convert the document to
remove Compatibility Mode. Click File to open Backstage view, and next to
Compatibility Mode on the Info tab, click Convert.
If you want to retain Compatibility Mode so that users of earlier Word versions
can use your form, use only legacy controls. In the Controls group on the
Developer tab, click Legacy Tools to display a gallery of available controls.
After you insert one or more controls, you can examine and set its properties. Click the
control and then click Properties (also in the Controls group on the Developer tab). The
properties dialog box for some types of controls is quite simple, whereas others have a few
more options. Figure 9-16 shows the properties dialog box for a drop-down list content
Figure 9-16 Add, remove, and reorder items for a drop-down list or combo box in its properties
dialog box.
The Title property is a good place to provide user assistance. Use the small title bar that
appears when the user clicks the content control (not in Design mode) to identify what
should go in the control. Unfortunately, however, that title bar does not appear if the
document is restricted to prevent editing, as described in the following section.
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