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Protecting and Using the Form
double-click the name of your template. If the template file is in a shared location so that
others can get to it, browse to it in Windows Explorer and double-click it.
Because editing restrictions are in place, when you click in the document, Word selects the
nearest form control instead of placing the insertion point where you click, as shown in
Figure 9-17. Moving between form fields and entering text in them is much like working in
a table. Press Tab to move to the next field or press Shift+Tab to move to the previous field.
To enter a tab character in a field, press Ctrl+Tab.
Figure 9-17 This editing-restricted form includes many types of content controls.
INSIDE OUT Enter a date
You can click the arrow on the right side of a date picker content control to display a
calendar, and then click a date in the calendar to enter it. If the date you want is more
than a few months away, however, scrolling through the calendar is tedious. Instead,
click the control and type the date. When you move to the next field, Word formats the
date according to the properties set for the date picker content control.
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