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Chapter 10: Word 2010 Inside Out
Fill effects, including gradients, control the color of characters.
Shadow effects create a three-dimensional look by making the text appear like it is
floating in front of the screen or paper.
Reflection effects also provide the appearance of depth by showing a mirror image
of the text, as if it’s on a reflective surface.
Glow effects add a radiant appearance to each character.
You can combine these effects to create some wonderful results. But don’t overdo it; you
can also end up with something hideous.
To apply any of these effects except ill color, find the Font group on the Home tab and
click Text Effects. A gallery of effects appears, as shown in Figure 10-1. To specify a ill color
or to apply a gradient effect to text, click the arrow next to the Font Color button, which is
also in the Font group on the Home tab. (If you click the Font Color button, it applies the
last color you used or, if you haven’t yet used the tool, red.)
Text Effects Font Color
Figure 10-1 As you point to each effect in the gallery, Live Preview shows how it will look.
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