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Beginning a Paragraph with a Drop Cap
Beginning a Paragraph with a Drop Cap
Another typographic nicety that graphic designers are fond of is a drop cap , which is where
the first letter or first word of a paragraph is larger than the rest of the text. You can see an
example on the first page of each chapter in this topic. Creating a drop cap requires not
just formatting the letter in a larger font, but also aligning the top of the drop cap with
the top of the other paragraph text. (If you simply format the first letter in a larger size, it
doesn’t “drop.”)
Word makes this task easy. Click anywhere in the paragraph (if you want to drop the entire
first word, you must select it), click the Insert tab, and in the Text group click Drop Cap.
Select a drop cap option, or click Drop Cap Options to specify a font (by default, Word uses
the paragraph font) or adjust the size or position using the dialog box shown next.
Understanding Linked Styles
In our earlier discussion of styles (see “Creating a New Style” on page 233), we covered
character styles and paragraph styles, which are methods for reusing and consistently applying
character formatting and paragraph formatting, respectively.
As you work with styles, you’re likely to see another style type: Linked (Paragraph And
Character). As the name implies, a linked style incorporates formatting settings for
paragraphs (line spacing and indents, for example) and for characters (such as font and point
size). Confusingly, however, paragraph styles can also incorporate character formats. So
what’s the point of linked styles?
Linked styles were introduced in Word 2002 (part of Office XP) to enable the use of run-in
headings. (A run-in heading is one that, instead of being on a line by itself, is immediately
followed by paragraph text.) A linked style can be applied to a full paragraph—just like a
paragraph style—or it can be applied to a selection of text within a paragraph, much like a
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