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Word 2010
Word 2010
In Office 2010, Word is arguably misnamed. Yes, it still allows you to process words:
entering and editing blocks of text, checking your spelling and grammar, specifying typefaces
and fonts, and formatting paragraphs as headings and body text. But in Office 2010,
Word adds a significant new set of design and page-layout tools that make it suitable for
medium-strength desktop publishing jobs. We cover the full range of Word features in the
four chapters devoted to Word in this topic.
The Navigation pane, an optional interface element that appears at the left side of the
Word editing window when enabled, is much improved. As in previous versions, you can
use headings in your document to quickly move between sections. The new Search
Document box at the top of the Navigation pane allows you to search efficiently, especially in
long documents. Figure 1-5 shows search results using the page browser; an alternate view
allows you to see the same results organized as snippets of text so that you can see them in
Figure 1-5 When you use the Navigation pane to search for a word or phrase, you can view the
results as thumbnail pages (shown here) or as text snippets.
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