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Combining Documents and Data with Mail Merge
INSIDE OUT Print a single envelope or label
Merging data from a list is a powerful way to print many envelopes or labels, each
addressed to a different person. But often you need just a single envelope or label,
which is somewhat difficult to create when starting from a standard blank document.
Word has you covered.
Simply click the Mailings tab, and in the Create group click Envelopes or Labels. The
dialog box that appears, shown in Figure 10-6, is the same either way; the only
difference is which tab is displayed initially.
Insert Address
Right-click selected
text and choose Font
to format it
Figure 10- 6 On either tab, click Options to select a paper size and type and to set printer
Type the addresses (or other information) directly in the dialog box or click Insert
Address to select an address from your Outlook contacts. (Bonus tip: If you select text
in your document before you click Envelopes or Labels, your selected text appears in
the Delivery Address text box.) If you have an account with or another
supported electronic postage vendor, you can print a postage “stamp” on your
envelope or label.
To complete the task, click Print to send the job to your printer. Alternatively, click Add
To Document (Envelopes tab) or New Document (Labels tab) to open the envelope or
label in an ordinary Word document window, allowing you to modify it (add a logo,
perhaps) or save it for reuse.
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