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Inserting Data Fields in a Document
Figure 10-10 To edit a record, select the item in the Data Source box and then click Edit. Any
changes you make are stored in the data source.
Inserting Data Fields in a Document
Presumably, in step 2 of the wizard you created the parts of the document that should print
with all merged records, such as your logo and company information, the text of the letter,
and similar items. This information can find its way into your document from a template,
from an existing document, or from edits you make during this session.
With the basics in place, you can then insert data fields—placeholders for data—into
appropriate places in your document. Position the insertion point in the document where
you want merge data to appear, and then insert fields. You can do this from step 4 of the
wizard or by using tools in the Write & Insert Fields group on the Mailings tab.
To insert an individual data field, click More Items (in the wizard) or Insert Merge Field
(on the ribbon), and then click the name of the field you want to insert. In the dialog box
that appears (see Figure 10-11), you can choose to insert Database Fields (the field list
shows the names of the fields in your database) or Address Fields (standard field names for
addressing applications).
Note that you can put merge fields anywhere in your document, and you can repeat fields
without limitation. For example, you might include in the body of a letter something like
“Thanks for purchasing a «ProductName». You might be interested to know that we have a
special deal for «ProductName» owners.”
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