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Inserting Data Fields in a Document
Figure 10-11 To correlate the field names in your database with those in the address fields, click
Match Fields.
Inserting individual fields can be tedious, so Word includes a couple of “super” fields that
you can insert: Address Block and Greeting Line. Click one of these, and a dialog box
appears in which you can customize the field output. For example, in the Insert
Greeting Line dialog box, shown in Figure 10-12, you can select a default greeting or create
your own.
Figure 10-12 The predeined greetings are a bit more traditional than the ones we’ve typed.
The Address Block and Greeting Line fields have some intelligence built in. For example,
if you select Mr. Randall as the greeting line format, each merged record uses the Title
field followed by the Last Name field. But what if a record has no entry in the Title field?
Word inserts First Name followed by Last Name. And what if a record has no name at all?
Word inserts the text in the Greeting Line For Invalid Recipient Names box. The Address
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