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Word 2010
In addition to the picture-editing tools available throughout Office, Word 2010 offers an
assortment of text effects for fine typography. If you use OpenType fonts (the standard for
Windows), you can precisely control ligatures and kerning. You can also create visual effects
such as shadows, reflections, gradients, bevels, and glows, as illustrated in Figure 1-6. These
effects (which can be cringe-inducing if used carelessly) are not limited to WordArt
graphics but can be used with ordinary text—meaning they can be included in styles, spelling
reviews, and so on.
Figure 1-6 Use the Text Effects gallery to add shadows, reflections, and other visual pizzazz to
ordinary text.
Like its Office-mates, Word also includes an assortment of new document recovery features
that allow you to roll back to one of five previous AutoSaved versions or recover from an
unexpected crash. You can also restore a draft version of a document even if you close
Word without saving it.
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