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Printing a Document
and last records to include; you can determine that information by using tools in the
Preview Results group on the Mailings tab.
A third output destination is available by clicking Finish & Merge on the Mailings tab:
e-mail. You need to have an e-mail address in each record. In an effort to reduce spam,
many Internet service providers limit the number of messages you can send in a given
period of time. Therefore, this option is practical only for small distribution lists. (And, of
course, you should send e-mail only to those people who want to receive messages from
you. Otherwise, you join the ranks of reviled spammers.)
Printing a Document
Many—if not most—Word documents get committed to paper at some point in their life.
Printing is a simple task, and is generally the same in all Office programs (and, indeed, in
most other programs as well). Click File, Print (or press Ctrl+P), and then click the Print
button. A few seconds later, paper comes out of the printer.
But Word has some interesting and unique features related to printing that are easily
overlooked. First, as shown in Figure 10-13, the Print tab in Backstage view includes a print
preview feature that shows exactly how your document will look when printed. Use the
controls at the bottom of the preview pane to page through the document, to zoom in for
a closer look, or zoom out for a high-level view. (If you zoom out far enough, Word displays
multiple pages.)
The button under Printer shows the status of the current printer and lets you select another.
To modify a printer’s settings, click Printer Properties.
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