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Using Building Blocks
Using Building Blocks
In Word, a building block is a stored chunk of content that can be used to quickly enter
text and graphics in a document. Word organizes building blocks into galleries of blocks
for similar purposes—headers, footers, equations, tables, cover pages, and so on. Dozens
of building blocks of various types are included with Word; you can use these as is, modify
them, or create your own building blocks. You can download additional building blocks
You insert building blocks into a document by using tools and galleries on the Insert tab.
We discuss some of these galleries elsewhere in this topic. (See “Adding Headers,
Footers, and Page Numbers” on page 222, “Setting Page Layout Options” on page 221, “Using Quick
Tables” on page 258, “Entering Mathematical Equations” on page 120, and “Creating Tables of
Contents and Indexes” on page 273—as well as the following section, “Using AutoText.”)
To view all the available building blocks, click the Insert tab, and in the Text group click
Quick Parts, Building Blocks Organizer. The Building Blocks Organizer dialog box, shown in
Figure 10-14, lists all building blocks, initially sorted by gallery. (Click a column heading to
sort by another field.)
Figure 10-14 Select a building block to see its preview and description.
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