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Using AutoText
You can insert a building block directly from Building Blocks Organizer by selecting it and
clicking Insert.
Using AutoText
One of the most useful types of building block is called AutoText. AutoText can contain any
amount of document content, including formatting. It’s typically used for boilerplate text,
such as an “about this company” block that must go at the end of each press release, an
oft-used disclaimer, or a title block including your logo and address.
To create an AutoText entry, select the content you want to reuse, and then press Alt+F3. (If
you can’t remember the keyboard shortcut, you can take the lengthier path: Click the Insert
tab, and in the Text group click Quick Parts, AutoText, Save Selection To AutoText Gallery.)
A dialog box appears, as shown Figure 10-15. Enter a memorable name, which is how you
identify the entry when you want to reuse it.
Figure 10-15 AutoText provides an easy way to enter frequently used text and graphics.
To insert your AutoText entry in a document, you can click Quick Parts, AutoText and then
click the entry’s thumbnail shown in the gallery. But there’s a much easier way: Type the
name you assigned to the AutoText entry, and then press F3. You don’t need to type the
entire name; you just need to type enough to uniquely identify it. For example, to enter an
entry called Terms of Sale when you have no other AutoText entries that begin with the
letter T , you could simply type t and then press F3. If you also have an entry called Trademark
List, you’d need to type (at least) te before you press F3.
AutoCorrect provides an alternative way to enter blocks of text. For details, see “Entering
Boilerplate and Other Oft-Used Text” on page 116.
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