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Creating Other Types of Building Blocks
Creating Other Types of Building Blocks
The process of creating other types of building blocks is nearly identical to the one just
described for AutoText entries. For example, if you want to save a new header in the Header
gallery, create and format the header just the way you want it, and then select it. Then, do
one of the following to open the Create New Building Block dialog box:
Click the gallery where you want to add the new entry. For example, to save a new
header, click Insert, Header, Save Selection To Header Gallery.
Click Insert, Quick Parts, Save Selection To Quick Parts Gallery. (Quick Parts is an
all-purpose gallery that you might prefer to use simply to differentiate your stored
building blocks from the Microsoft-furnished blocks.)
Press Alt+F3.
Each of these actions opens the Create New Building Block dialog box; the only difference
is the selection in the Gallery box, which you can change. Your choice here determines
which gallery your building block appears in. Other than maintaining a sense of order,
there’s no reason you couldn’t, for example, put a footer in the Cover Pages gallery. Other
fields in Create New Building Block deserve a bit of explanation:
Category You can create categories within each gallery. Items in a gallery are
grouped by their category.
Description Use this field to enter explanatory text, which appears in a ScreenTip
when you hover the mouse pointer over a gallery item and when you view the item
in Building Blocks Organizer.
Save In Specify where you want to save the building block:
Select Normal to save the building block in the Normal.dotm global template,
which makes it available in all documents.
Select the name of the current template to store it in that template, which
makes it available in all new documents you create based on the template.
Select Building Blocks to save it in Building Blocks.dotx, a template file that’s
stored in a subfolder of %AppData%\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks.
Building blocks you store here are available for all documents you create, but
this template isn’t easy to share with others.
Options Specify whether the building block should be placed in a paragraph by
itself, on a page by itself, or simply positioned at the insertion point without adding a
paragraph or page break when you insert it.
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