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Inserting a Field
Table 10-1 Keyboard Shortcuts for Fields
Keyboard Shortcut
Insert an empty field
Switch views between field codes and field results (all fields)
Switch views between field codes and field results (selected fields)
Update selected fields
Go to next or previous field
F11 or Shift+F11
Lock a field to prevent updates
Unlock a field
Inserting a Field
Before you step up to the big leagues and start entering field codes directly, use the Field
dialog box to insert a field. It lists all the available fields, includes a brief description about
each one, shows the proper syntax, and provides a method for inserting valid switches. To
get there, click the Insert tab, and in the Text group click Quick Parts, Field. Figure 10-16
shows the Field dialog box that appears.
Figure 10-16 A description in the lower left corner briefly explains the purpose of the field
selected in the Field Names box.
To narrow your choices a bit, select a category. Then select each field name and view
its description to get an idea of what the field is used for. Make selections under Field
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