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Printing Booklets
With the Speak command now ensconced on the ribbon, select some text and click Speak
to hear a voice reminiscent of early science fiction movies.
Printing Booklets
Printing a multipage document in booklet form is a difficult task if you do it manually. You
need to calculate page sizes and margins, and worst of all, you have to reorder the pages
so that they come out in the proper order when the sheets are folded and collated.
Fortunately, Word can do all the hard work for you.
You’ll have the most success setting up booklet printing if you follow these steps before
you enter and format the document content.
To set up a document to print as a booklet, follow these steps:
1. On the Page Layout tab, click Margins, Custom Margins.
2. On the Margins tab of the Page Layout dialog box, next to Multiple Pages, select
Book Fold.
3. Under Margins, enter dimensions for page margins. Keep in mind that the page size
is now one-half of the paper size. (For example, if you’re using letter size paper, the
new effective page size is 5½ inches by 8½ inches.)
4. If you want to allow additional space along the fold to accommodate a binding,
increase the Gutter value.
5. Next to Sheets Per Booklet (under Pages), select the number of pages you want in
each booklet. If your document has more pages than the number you select, the
document prints as multiple separate booklets.
After you create the document content and you’re ready to print your booklet, choose File,
Print. Click the second button under Settings, and then select either Print On Both Sides
(if your printer can duplex automatically) or Manually Print On Both Sides (if your printer
prints on only one side of the sheet).
Generating “Greek” Text
When you work on a design-oriented project in Word, you’ll sometimes want to get an idea
of how the document will look even before the copy for the document has been written.
Graphic designers have long used iller text to show off design concepts without worrying
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