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Chapter 11: Inside Excel 2010
PivotTable on a separate sheet. You can also use multiple extra worksheets to perform
backof-the-envelope calculations without disturbing a carefully constructed and formatted main
Row heading Name box Formula bar Column heading
Figure 11-1 The contents of the current cell appear in the formula bar. The cell address, defined
by intersecting column and row headings, is called out in the Name box.
INSIDE OUT Change the default number of worksheets
By default, each new blank workbook you create contains three blank worksheets. You
might prefer a different number: one, for example, with the option to add extra
worksheets manually as needed. To modify this default, open Excel, click File, and then click
Options in Backstage view. On the General tab of the Excel Options dialog box, under
the When Creating New Workbooks section, adjust the Include This Many Sheets
setting. The minimum is 1; the maximum is 255, although we can’t imagine why anyone
would choose a number that high. Each new sheet increases the size of the resulting
workbook file by a trivial amount—approximately 500 bytes per sheet.
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