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In Office 2010, OneNote has been given a big promotion and is now one of the core
programs installed with every retail and enterprise Office edition. If you’ve never seen
OneNote, we strongly recommend that you spend some time with this incredibly useful
and versatile free-form note-taking program.
If you’re already familiar with OneNote, you’ll appreciate some of the subtle improvements
in this upgrade. For starters, you can dock OneNote in a narrow window that
automatically arranges itself on the side of your monitor. In that configuration, you can take full
advantage of the new Linked Notes feature, which automatically creates a link to the
current Word document, PowerPoint presentation, or web page (Internet Explorer only), as in
Figure 1-8.
Figure 1-8 OneNote can dock itself alongside another Office program or your web browser and
create automatic links between the notes you create and the source material.
Your familiarity with Word will pay off in OneNote 2010 as well: You can now apply
formatting for headings and body text in OneNote by using the same keyboard shortcuts
that work in Word. OneNote 2010 includes the Format Painter found in other Office
programs, allowing you to copy formatting from one location to another. It also offers greatly
improved tools for searching and organizing information in your notebooks. That capability
is invaluable when your collection of notebooks becomes too big for you to find random
bits of information by simply flipping through pages.
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