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Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Table 11-1 Keyboard Shortcuts Used Only in Excel
Keyboard Shortcut
Move to beginning of current row
Move to top left corner of current sheet
Move up one window
Page Up
Move down one window
Page Down
Move to next worksheet
Ctrl+Page Up
Move to previous worksheet
Ctrl+Page Down
Expand/collapse the formula bar
Select the current region
Select all cells containing comments
Display the Insert dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+Plus (+)
Display the Delete dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+Minus (–)
Hide selected rows
Hide selected columns
A few useful keyboard shortcuts require more explanation than we can pack into a table.
In other Office programs, Ctrl+A is the shortcut for Select All. In Excel, however, this
keyboard shortcut has at least three separate actions. If the current worksheet contains data,
pressing Ctrl+A selects the current region. Press Ctrl+A again to select the entire worksheet.
If you select a cell and type an equal sign followed by a function name, pressing Ctrl+A
opens the Function Arguments dialog box.
Moving around within a selected range can be tedious, especially when the selection
encompasses a long list with boundaries that extend well beyond the edges of the current
window. In that case, press Ctrl+period to move the active cell clockwise through the four
corners of the selected range, without affecting the selection.
And then there’s the End key, which enables a baffling set of navigation shortcuts
collectively known as End Mode. When you press the End key in Excel, you might miss the small,
subtle change along the left side of the status bar at the bottom of the program window,
where the words End Mode become visible. When this indicator is visible, typical navigation
keys temporarily change their behavior in unusual ways.
Press End and then press any arrow key to move the selection within the current row
or column, in the direction of the arrow, to the next cell that contains data, skipping
over any blank cells in between. You can accomplish the same movement using the
Ctrl+arrow key shortcuts.
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