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Entering and Filling in Data and Series
Drag the selection back up (or to the left, if you’re working row-wise) to make the AutoFill
range smaller. If you continue dragging down past Sunday, the series repeats. Months work
the same way.
Excel knows that business runs on quarterly results. If you enter Q1 in a cell and then drag
the ill handle down or to the right, Excel smartly assumes you want to continue with Q2,
Q3, and Q4 and then start over with Q1. (You can get a similar result if you begin with 1st
quarter or Quarter 1.) Excel continues repeating the series in this fashion until you release
the mouse button.
If you start with a single cell containing a number and drag the ill handle down, Excel
copies the contents of the initial cell into the remainder of the range (1,1,1,1). Hold down Ctrl
as you drag the ill handle to change to a series (1,2,3,4). A small plus sign appears
alongside the ill handle when it switches to series mode.
You can also ill a series containing text and a number. If you enter District 1 and drag the
ill handle down, the series continues with District 2, District 3, and so on.
If you’ve already filled a range, use the AutoFill menu shown here to switch from Copy Cells
to Fill Series or vice versa. You can also copy formatting only or choose Fill Without
Formatting to add only the values in your series.
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