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PowerPoint 2010
In this topic, we devote three chapters to OneNote. If you’re new to the program, we
recommend that you start at the beginning and read all the way through to learn some of the
subtleties of this unusual but powerful program.
PowerPoint 2010
Most audiences groan when they realize you’re about to launch into a PowerPoint
presentation. But slide shows don’t have to be deadly or dull—in fact, as we demonstrate, they
don’t even have to be slide shows, in the traditional sense. Using PowerPoint 2010, you can
create photo albums and web-based presentations that don’t include a single bullet point.
At the top of the new-features list in PowerPoint 2010 is a set of tools that allows you to
embed video clips into a slide, format the video container, and even trim a lengthy clip so
that only the relevant section plays. Figure 1-9 shows these tools in action.
Figure 1-9 New video-editing tools in PowerPoint 2010 allow you to embed, trim, and format
video clips.
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