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Adding Functions to a Formula
If you’ve memorized the syntax for a particular function and the formula is simple enough,
manual entry really can be the fastest option. But if you need a little assistance with one or
more functions or your typing is less than perfect, Excel has lots of help to offer.
When you’re not sure of the name of the function you want to use, click the Insert Function
button to the left of the formula bar. That opens the Insert Function dialog box shown in
Figure 11-6, where you can enter a search term and click Go or choose a category to filter
the list of available functions.
Figure 11-6 Use a search term to filter the list of functions, and then scroll through the Select A
Function list to see descriptions and syntax.
After you select a function and click OK, Excel opens the Function Arguments dialog box
shown in Figure 11-7, which includes ill-in-the-blank boxes for each argument.
The Function Arguments dialog box contains a wealth of useful information. A bold name
means an argument is required. When you click in an input box, the descriptive text
changes to help you understand what that argument is for. As you enter arguments, you
can see Excel evaluate the results of each one on the right of the input box. The display
below the input boxes shows the overall formula result based on all arguments entered
so far.
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