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Formatting Cells and Ranges
If you enter a value or a formula whose result won’t it in the defined cell width or that
contains more than 12 digits to the left of the decimal place, Excel displays it using scientific
You can override the formatting for any cell by using the short list of available formats in
the Number group on the Home tab, as shown here:
Conveniently, this list matches up neatly to the choices in the Number category of the
Format Cells dialog box. In some cases, Excel overrides the General number format
automatically, based on what you type or paste into a cell. You can manually apply a format at any
You can also use any of the keyboard shortcuts shown in Table 11-4 to quickly apply
number formatting to the current selection. It’s worth noting that all the shortcuts are applied
using the Ctrl+Shift keys and the first seven keys in the number row of the standard U.S.
keyboard layout.
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