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Figure 12-3 Colors and fonts associated with each of these built-in table styles change to match
the current theme.
Many of the built-in table styles include formatting that adds shading to alternate rows,
which makes reading across wide tables easier. The six check boxes in the Table Style
Options group on the Design tab allow you to fine-tune the following format settings:
Header Row Clear this check box to hide all column headings. Doing so also hides
the down arrow used to access sort and filter options for each column. Note that
Excel remembers the name assigned to any column and continues to use it in
structured references within formulas.
Total Row Select this check box to add a row beneath the table, with options to
automatically subtotal the contents of one or more columns. If the table contains
more than one column, the word Total appears in the first column. If you expand the
table, this row remains at the bottom of the new range. You can customize the
formulas beneath each column by using a drop-down list, as we explain shortly.
First Column Click to apply special formatting to the first column in the table. Use
this option to highlight labels that identify each row.
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