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Filtering Data in a Table
match regardless of whether it’s at the beginning, middle, or end of a cell’s contents. Thus,
entering dat returns A. Datum Corporation and Consolidated Messenger.
The option to filter by selecting from a list is limited to the first 10,000 items in a list.
In the case of a particularly long list in which a single column has many unique values,
you see a warning message beneath the list that reads Not All Items Showing. Try using
thesearch box to reduce the number of unique items, or choose a different filtering
For dates that range over a long period of time, Excel automatically collapses the choices
in the filter list, allowing you to choose entire years or to expand the list to include months
or even days within a year. Here, for example, we started with a list of stock prices and
exchange statistics that includes data from every workday for 75 years. By typing March in
the search box, we filtered the list to show only the dates from that month,
If our goal is just to compare data from the month of March for the past five years, we can
click Select All Search Results to clear the current list, then manually include 2010, 2009,
and so on. Or we can manually choose certain years. When the selection is complete, click
Add Current Selection To Filter, and click OK.
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