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Outlining Data
Figure 12-8 Use the Date Filters menu to choose from this extensive list of AutoFilter options
when the current column contains mostly dates.
If you choose the Custom Filter option, the dialog box resembles the one available for text
and numbers, with the small but crucial difference that it includes calendar controls to use
when you are picking dates.
Outlining Data
From its very earliest days, Excel has included features that enable you to subtotal groups
of data in lists and then collapse the subtotals into outline form to summarize it. To use this
procedure, you must have your data arranged in a list and sorted by the column you want
to summarize. You then add formulas (typically using the SUBTOTAL function) to summarize
by group. The Subtotal button, in the Outline group on the Data tab, provides a way to
create these formulas automatically, as shown in Figure 12-9.
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