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Outlining Data
Figure 12-9 The outline functions available in Excel require painstaking setup. In most cases a
PivotTable is a better choice.
In the Subtotal dialog box, choose a column in the first list (At Each Change In) to specify
where each subtotal goes. Then pick a function (Sum, Average, and so on) and the columns
for which you want to create that subtotal. Click OK to create the Subtotal rows and add
outline controls in a pane to the left of the row headings. Use those controls to collapse
and expand the outline as shown here.
The Subtotal command automatically adds the titles beneath the Month column in this
example, and you can see one of the SUBTOTAL formulas in the formula bar.
This method of summarizing a worksheet requires painstaking setup, and it severely limits
your ability to rearrange data after you complete the setup. In most cases, you can
create the same sort of summary with a PivotTable report. As we explain in the next section,
PivotTables are easier to set up, allow more flexibility in terms of output, and don’t require
changes to the structure of the original data source.
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