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Customizing a PivotTable Layout
If you add multiple fields in the Row Labels section, you can create an outline view of
your data that can be expanded and collapsed. Creating this outline lets you roll up large
amounts of data into easy-to-digest subtotals or expand the details under any of those
levels. In Figure 12-13, for example, we’ve added three fields to the Row Labels section and
made sure that the +/– buttons are visible (you’ll find this option in the Show group on the
Options tab under PivotTable Tools).
Click to adjust
section layout
Figure 12-13 Use the +/– buttons to the left of each heading to expand or collapse the data
beneath that heading. This arrangement shows subtotals by month for the Hana station only.
Customizing a PivotTable Layout
After you’ve arranged fields on the PivotTable page, you’re ready to tweak the display so it’s
even more readable. If you don’t like the default sort order for rows, for example, you can
change it. Right-click any individual row or column label and click Sort to see options for
that field. From that shortcut menu, you can sort in ascending or descending order. Click
More Sort Options if you want the option to sort by a different field. In the following
example, you could see all 12 months, arranged in descending order by Total Rainfall, so that the
months go from wettest to driest by row.
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