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Importing, Exporting, and Connecting to Data Sources
For other data formats, you might be prompted for additional information. For example,
opening a Microsoft Access database file (*.mdb) results in a prompt like the one shown
Access databases typically contain multiple tables, but Excel can import only one at a time.
Select the Access table and click OK to see it in an Excel worksheet.
For more control over importing data, open an existing workbook (or create a new one),
click to select the cell where you want the data to be imported, and then use the options in
the Get External Data group on the Data tab. In the case of a text file (including files in CSV
format), click From Text, select the file from the Import Text File dialog box, and then click
Import. That opens the Text Import Wizard, shown in Figure 12-16.
Figure 12-16 The three-step Text Import Wizard lets you fine-tune how data from a text file is
broken into rows and columns.
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