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Area Charts
Figure 13-11 Bar charts work especially well when the category names are long, as in this
example. The horizontal arrangement makes the current leader easy to identify.
Area Charts
Area charts show the magnitude of change in a data set over time and thus offer a good
way to show changes in the relative contributions of different parts of a group. In their
plainest form, 2-D and 3-D area charts are like line charts, except that the value between
the data point and the next lowest point on another series (or the lowest point on the axis)
is filled in with color.
A stacked area chart like the one shown in Figure 13-12 adds all the values together so that
the highest point on the chart for each point on the horizontal axis represents the total for
that point.
Figure 13-12 Use a stacked area chart to pile each data series on top of the one before it and
show its contribution to the total.
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