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Stock Charts
Stock Charts
Analyzing trends in the markets for stocks, bonds, and other securities is one of the most
popular uses for Excel charts. So popular, in fact, that stock charts get their own category
in the Chart Types list. The four available layout options enable you to plot the movement
of stock prices on a daily basis, using a single line to indicate high, low, and closing prices.
Opening prices and trading volume are optional data series.
Building a stock chart requires that you arrange your data in a specific order. If you try to
create a stock chart using an incorrect arrangement of data, you’re greeted with a helpful
message like the one shown here. (The exact content of the message varies, depending on
the chart subtype you’ve selected.)
Figure 13-14 shows a stock chart that depicts high, low, and closing prices over a
threemonth period. We added three text boxes (using the Text Box command in the Insert group
on the Layout tab) to call attention to specific sections of the chart for the accompanying
Figure 13-14 Adding text boxes on this stock chart makes it easier to point to specific locations
on the chart when describing the gyrations of the market in the accompanying text.
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